Thursday, April 02, 2009

Special : 1/4 and an announcement

Welcome to this special episode of the Arabic Podclass.

This is the first of a 4 parts series of episodes that reviews everything we talked about since the begining of The Arabic Pdoclass.

This episode is NOT totally free ^_^;;; 

The good news is that it costs only $1. You might consider it as a support for The Arabic Podclass not a greed for money ^_~

But that doesn't mean that The Arabic Podclass will not be free. It will stay free.

You just have to pay for special episodes (like this review) 

Please send your feedbacks and your opinions to 

See you in the next (free) episode of The Arabic Podclass.

In this episode : 

1- How to see hello in Arabic (new phrases added)
2- Types of the Arabic sentence. (the nominal sentence and the verbal sentence) 
3-Arabic vowel points 
4-Arabic Pronouns (updated) 

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Excerpts from:The Mad Man | Episode 2

Welcome to episode 2 of Excerpts from The Mad Man from The Arabic Podclass.
In this episode you'll listen to : The Pomegranate (الرمانة)

You can download the episode from here (iPhone Video)

MP3 Edition. [Link]


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Excerpts from:The Mad Man | Epsiode 1

Welcome to this special video series of The Arabic Podclass.

In this series you will to listen to excerpts from a great book : The Mad Man by the Khlil Gibran. You'll be able to read the Arabic translation and the original English text of the book. 

In this episode you'll listen to : Said a Blade of Grass (وريقة عشب وورقة خريف) 

You can download the episode from here (iPhone Video)

or the MP3 Edition. [Link]

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Episode 19: It's an interview :)

Hello and Welcome to episode 19 of the Arabic Podclass, in this episode I interviewd Hanna Ryden; a Swedish Journalist from Sydsvenskan newspaper in Malmo (a great city in the south of Sweden)
In this interview Hanna talks about her experience in learning arabic and why did she learn it, she also shares her experience about living in Syria in a really funny way :)

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sorry again ..

I'm really sorry for being later like this. I'm in Sweden attending the YLVP now and planning to make some interviews about learning Arabic, perhaps I'll make an episode from here as well. Sorry again.

Any listeners from Stockholm :) We can meet .. drop me an email :

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Episode 18 : Plural says hi to Qattora!ُ

Welcome to episode 18 of The Arabic Podclass.

In this episode :

1- The plural in Arabic.

جمع المذكر السالم
جمع المؤنث السالم
جمع التكسير

2- Qattora ( a wonderful song for children)

You can download episode 18 from here [MP3]

Qattora Video clip

Song transcript
Read this document on Scribd: Episode 18 transcript

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do you know the meaning of Shawshara ?

Songs are a great source for any language learner, sometimes it's really important to get the lyrics for the song that you are learning from. has a lot of Arabic songs lyrics. From old music for Um-Kolthom and Fairouz to the latest albums of Elissa, Marwan Khori and many more! It's also a wiki site, when you see yourself ready .. go ahead and add some Arabic lyrics ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Special Episode …Special proverbs

This is a special episode of the Arabic Podclass.
In this episode I’ll read two different Arabic sentences, your task is to try to read the next as best as you can and send it to me as a voice mail.

The sentences are :

الكَلامُ مِنْ فِضَّة، ولَكِنَّ السُّكُوتَ مِنْ ذَهَبْ

Speech is silver, but silence is gold

لَيْسَ للتعلٌّمِ سِنٌّ يَقفُ عِنْدَها

Never too old to learn

You can send your emails to :

You can download this episode from here [Mp3]

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Episode 17 : كان , إن and Kalemat

Welcome to episode 17 of the Arabic Podclass.

In this episode :

Grammar :
إن وأخواتها ( Inna and its sisters) and كان وأخواتها (Kana and its sisters)
Song :
كلمات (words) for Majeda Al-roumi

You can download episode 17 from Here
or listen online:

Song Lyris:

يُسمعني.. حـينَ يراقصُني
كلماتٍ ليست كالكلمات
He tells me,
When he dances with me,
Words that aren't like words

يأخذني من تحـتِ ذراعي
يزرعني في إحدى الغيمات
والمطـرُ الأسـودُ في عيني
يتساقـطُ زخاتٍ.. زخات
He takes me underneath my arm
And plants me in a cloud
And the black rain in my eye
Pours down... pours

يحملـني معـهُ.. يحملـني
لمسـاءٍ ورديِ الشُـرفـات
He carries me with him... he carries me
To a night on a rose-filled terrace

وأنا.. كالطفلـةِ في يـدهِ
كالريشةِ تحملها النسمـات
And I am like a child in his hand
Like a feather carried on the breeze

يهديني شمسـاً.. يهـديني
صيفاً.. وقطيـعَ سنونوَّات
He gives me a sun... he gives me
A summer and a flock of swallows

يخـبرني.. أني تحفتـهُ
وأساوي آلافَ النجمات
He tells me... that I am his masterpiece
And I am equal to thousands of stars

و بأنـي كنـزٌ... وبأني
أجملُ ما شاهدَ من لوحات
And that I am a treasure... and that I am
More beautiful than any painting he'd ever seen

يروي أشيـاءَ تدوخـني
تنسيني المرقصَ والخطوات
كلماتٍ تقلـبُ تاريخي
تجعلني امرأةً في لحظـات
يبني لي قصـراً من وهـمٍ
لا أسكنُ فيهِ سوى لحظات
وأعودُ.. أعودُ لطـاولـتي
لا شيءَ معي.. إلا كلمات
He tells me things that make me giddy
That make me forget the dance hall and the steps
Words that upturn my history
That make me a woman in seconds

He's builds me a castle of illusions
I don't live in it except for a few moments
And I return, I return to my table
With nothing with me... except words

Translation from

Monday, March 03, 2008

Episode 16 : Verbal sentences, commercials and Anas&Friends

Welcome to episode 16 of the Arabic Podclass.
In this episode :

Verbal and negative sentences in Arabic. Please visit Arabic

Wiki for more information

Arabic commercials

A song for Anas&Friends : A Daw Al amar (in the moon light)

You can download episode 16 from here.
Or listen online: